History (English)


Seed Stage : 2014~

  1. Acquisition and remodeling of sightseeing buses. Contracted bus operating company.
  2. Applications to Kinki Transport Bureau and Osaka Prefectural Police Traffic Control Division.
  3. Briefing session for local shopping streets and neighboring residents around the 14 bus stop areas.
  4. Acquired the support of Osaka City Economic Strategy Bureau and the Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau.
  5. Established bus concierge operation.

Early Stage : 2016~

  1. 2016 March. Experimental operation of Osaka Wonder Loop Bus started.
  2. 2016 October. Experimental operation of Day Cruise & Night Cruise started.
  3. 2016 December. Sale of set ticket Osaka City Pass with Osaka Metro/Osaka City Bus.
  4. Sales contracts with major hotels and tourist information centers in Osaka city.
  5. Sales contracts with domestic and overseas travel agencies and airlines.
  6. Sales contract with domestic and overseas Web sales.
  7. Established overseas branches in Taiwan and South Korea.
  8. April 2018 Full operation of Osaka Wonder Cruise.
  9. April 2018 Full-scale operation of Osaka Wonder Loop Bus started.
  10. August 2018 Operation of Glamping BBQ Cruise Ship Merry Green.
  11. October 2018 Received Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

Middle Stage : 2019~

  1. January 2019 Opened Dotonbori Riverside Wonder Pub.
  2. March 2019 Received the Hanayaka KANSAI Charm Up Award Kansai Inbound Award Grand Prize from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s regional Kinki branch.
  3. March 2019 Tourist Information Center opens on Dotonbori Shopping Street.
  4. April 2019 Sightseeing cruise boat Osaka Wonder Cruise Party operation starts.
  5. May 2019 Special feature broadcast on NHK WORLD with a reach of 300 million viewers worldwide.
  6. February 2020 One Osaka River Cruise acquired the Nippombashi river docking naming rights.
  7. June 2020 Special feature broadcast on NHK WORLD, reaching a possible 300 million viewers worldwide.