About Us (English)

About Wonder Group

Wonder Group is the leading organization in Kansai inbound tourism. After several years of developing content, we are currently producing sightseeing, transport, information, food and experiences for international visitors to Osaka and the surrounding region. In 2019 the main company in Wonder Group, Kansai Inbound Association Co., Ltd. received the Hanayaka Kansai Charm Up Award Kansai Inbound Grand Prize for the efforts within the inbound sector. The award is given out yearly by METI-KANSAI, the Kansai regional branch of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The work of Wonder Group has gained media attention and in June 2020 Kansai Inbound Association was featured on Japanese national broadcaster NHK’s worldwide TV channel NHK World. The channel reaches around 300 million viewers internationally.

Osaka is a city full of history, culture and famous for having the friendliest people in the country. To enable visitors to enjoy our city to the fullest extent we provide easy access to sightseeing areas and tourist spots as well as services introducing the world-renowned Osaka cuisine with both the famous dishes as well as small hidden gems only known to locals. Wonder Group also works with department stores, electronic retailers, drug stores and others providing valuable and sought-after discount coupons great for shopping.

Managing inbound tourist content in Osaka, where visitors can enjoy the history and culture of the city, sports and entertainment, experiencing activities, we aim to become the leading inbound focused organization in the Kansai region, providing the best services by leveraging the strengths of our group.

Coming in the first half of 2021, Wonder Group is starting up WonderOsaka.com, a web site dedicated to bringing the warm and deep charm of Osaka to inbound travelers in an exciting and convenient format. Our goal is to draw more first time visitor to Kansai and to have the region gain as many repeaters as possible. With fun and interesting content in multiple languages, WonderOsaka.com will be the online hub for that effort.